All students can purchase each offer one time. Offers are activated on date of purchase. Check out our NEW STUDENT page for more information about your first class!



Sweat this summer and SAVE with these great options for as low as $8.78 per class! Packages start when you buy (they’ll be available the whole summer) and expire on 9/2. Finish your package by 9/2 and receive up to 8 additional classes (when you buy and complete the 50) and 4 additional (when you buy and complete the 25) FREE to use within 45 days (or by 10/17)! Members can hold for the entire summer with one of these packages. Read more about how to claim those free classes here. If you finish your 25 early and purchase an additional 25 you’ll be eligible for all 8 free classes!



Learn more about our memberships here and always make sure to read complete terms prior to purchase and check out! Most memberships require at least two months commitment, and cancellations must be requested by filling out the online form greater than 14 days in advance, we make no exceptions. Late cancel fees may apply based on class enrollments. Please read complete terms at checkout.

NEW BRONZE Membership

Our new and improved BRONZE membership includes 5 classes to use over a 40 day period. The package will renew when you have completed all five classes OR after 40 days, whichever comes FIRST. Classes are on a use it or lose it basis. Bronze 10 can be used as a couple’s membership. Please read complete terms at checkout.



NEW! Commit to six months of membership to save. Must pay membership for six months before canceling (holds do not count towards six months). After six months, membership will continue at the same rate on a monthly basis until cancel. Please read complete terms at checkout. Not available for current members or past members within the last 60 days (unless you are upgrading levels). No exceptions.



Have double the fun, double the motivation, and double the accountability when you sign up with your spouse, BFF, or roommate. One person must purchase and email us to link your buddy. No split payment options, sorry!



Class packages begin on the date of purchase and expire in six months.