Erica Soma: Owner, Instructor

Erica is a 27- year- old Rozzident and has been in the fitness industry for six years as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. She holds her BA and MS in Exercise Science from Willamette University and Northeastern University and has various other fitness certifications. She opened LYFE CYCLE with the dream of creating a positive and supportive neighborhood business that offers high quality indoor cycling classes.

In her own fitness pursuits she has completed nine marathons and many other road races of different lengths. She participated in many sports growing up including rowing, swimming and volleyball, and was the captain of her varsity rowing team for two years at Willamette University. She also enjoys activities like indoor rock climbing and golf. In the last year (on top of opening LYFE CYCLE), Erica started on her mission to complete an Ironman. She completed her first ever triathlon in June at a small Half Ironman event in New Hampshire and completed her Ironman August of 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark in a respectable time of 14h 43m!

In her classes you'll find a moderate amount of choreography, a physically challenging workout with plenty of level ten hills and sprints, and her unique mix of beats that include top 40's but often showcase new music. Her RYDE is to the beat of the music and the choreography is great for those beginning indoor cycling while also providing a physical challenge for those more advanced RYDERS. She usually includes 1-2 songs with upper body work so you'll definitely leave getting a full body workout. Erica's main goal in her workouts is to make you sweat, and sweat hard, while also having fun and learning technique along the way!

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