Please read below about our important studio policies. These are the need to know details about attending RYDES and LYFTS at LYFE CYCLE. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask via email or your instructors in studio.

  • Door Policy: Students are expected to be clipped in and ready to go by the time class is scheduled to begin. We lock the door promptly at the time class is scheduled to begin and late students will be considered no- shows. Doors may close early if all signed up students have arrived, so make sure to sign up if you plan to come to class.
  • New RYDER Orientation: Arrive 10-15min early for setup and orientation. If you arrive last minute we can't guarantee our instructor will be able to completely assist you with bike set up and shoe clip in and likely you won't enjoy your experience. Help us help you by being early.
  • Personal Belongings: Personal belongings are encouraged to be stored in the check in area of the studio. Please do not bring your phone into the studio. The front door is always locked while class is in session.
  • Schedule: The schedule for regularly scheduled RYDE and LYFT classes will open 8 days in advance. This is to ensure the schedule you see is as accurate as possible and allow more realistic availability. Special Events, Charity RYDES, and non- regular classes will open earlier than 14 days. We reserve the right to modify our schedule at any time, for any reason, without warning. All of our schedule changes are in the interest of our students, so please be understanding.
  • Shoes: Our bikes take athletic shoes or SPD cycling shoes and we offer free shoe rentals. We try to keep enough sizes for all RYDERS but cannot guarantee your size, so arrive early. Our rental shoes are cleaned with antimicrobial, disinfectant, and deodorizer spray after each use. Please avoid wearing wet/muddy shoes into the cycling studio. LYFT classes require athletic non-cycling shoes. No bare feet or cycling shoes are allowed in LYFT classes. 
  • Cancellation Policy: We now require advanced 4- hour notice to cancel a class or you will be marked as late cancelled or as a no show. Late and no show students with packages will lose the class if cancelled within 4- hours of class. Unlimited members are now charged $8 for a late cancel and $12 for a no- show. Out of respect for our instructors and other students we encourage our members to cancel in advance of class as soon as possible so we can prepare others for class.
  • Waitlist Policy: Students can add themselves onto the waitlist up to four hours in advance of class. Students are automatically added into class up to four hours before class when space becomes available. Students who wish to be notified of being added to a class from the waitlist  must be subscribed to notifications on Mindbody. Students added to the waitlist before the four hour window are subject to late cancel and no show fees, so be accurate with your booking. Within four hours of class, if space becomes available students on the waitlist are encouraged to confirm with the studio space availability and if you would like to attend. Please be respectful of other students and be realistic about your booking and waitlist reservations. Please understand our policies have changed to better serve all of our students.
  • Enrollment Requirement: We reserve the right to cancel classes with low enrollment. Students will be notified by email and you will not be charged.
  • Expiration/Extension Policy: Beginning 1/1/17 If your package expires, you are entitled to use the remaining balance toward future purchases. Contact us to get the balance applied to your account. Extensions are not available and pricing on new purchases is subject to current promotions and packages only. 
  • Purchase Policy: All purchases are final sale and are non-refundable.
  • Contact Us: The only way to reach us is via email, the contact us page on our website, or your instructors in- studio. Emails and website submissions are responded to in a timely manner, especially if in regards to a same- day class. You can reach us via our social media platforms, though we cannot guarentee same- day response times. If you see a phone number listed online, do not call it. It will not reach us and your question will not be answered; our phone is for emergency purposes only.