Meet Our Team


Erica Soma- OWNER

Erica is the sole owner of LYFE CYCLE and brings her eight years of experience in the fitness industry to our LYFT classes. Erica has been a personal trainer, pilates instructor, and endurance coach for years. Erica's classes are challenging and incorporate floor strength work including things like deadlifts and squats, but you'll also have challenging posture and pilates based core exercises. In LYFE, Erica enjoys golfing on weekends and indoor rock climbing, and sometimes you'll see her training for a race. She is an Ironman triathlete (Copenhagen 2016) and has completed 9 marathons, many half marathons, and various triathlons.

Instagram: Esomafitness
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Caitlin Kerrigan

Caitlin's RYDE is fun yet challenging, including intermediate to advanced choreography while dancing to top 40's and EDM music. With Caitlin, expect a fun, upbeat class with a great vocal motivator, choreography, and at least one song‘s worth of hand weights, sometimes even 10 minutes. Caitlin is vocal and energetic; she is known to sing along while dancing to the choreography of taps, crunches, jumps and sprints. In LYFE, Caitlin grew up playing sports and softball and turned to spinning as a fun music focused way to exercise. Years later, she's one of the best spin instructors in Boston!

Instagram: Caitlink1225
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If you love taking your RYDE outside, Jocelyn is your girl! With a focus on flat roads, intervals, and climbs, you'll be challenged. She uses a good mix of choreography, weights, and sometimes some banjo tunes thrown into the usual top 40's. Jocelyn is helped design our RYDE + CORE class to combine RYDE with core, band, and mat exercises. Her LYFT classes are challenging and fun. Her class is friendly to all levels but many argue she teaches the hardest LYFE CYCLE class. In LYFE, she is also an Ironman triathlete and just finished her second full Ironman in Lake Placid. When she's not teaching or triathalon-ing she's working in admissions at a middle school.

Instagram: Ironjoc.b
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Melissa Weil

Melissa loves Hip Hop, and she'll push her class to the top of a hill with a good beat! Although she's not a diva herself, she loves to tap it back to Whitney, Beyonce and Mariah. You'll also hear a mix of top 40 hits, some throwback jams, and maybe even some country tunes in her class. In LYFE, Melissa lives in Roslindale with her fiancee Todd, and they love everything ROS! When she's not RYDING, she's working in Marketing for a tech company, being active, cooking a new recipe, or enjoying the summer months at the beach!

Instagram: Melisweil
Spotify: MWeil1016


Danielle bushrow

Danielle is all about the beat- she loves finding new music and fun remixes of popular songs. She brings that can’t-sit-still energy to every class. She’s a strong believer in moving your body because it feels good, being kind to yourself while believing in a stronger you, and living a balanced lifestyle. The best thing she can hear is “Wow, that was a killer workout,” or “Can you send me your playlist?” In LYFE, Danielle is a design manager at a software company, and lives in Rozzie with her boyfriend Cole and two cats, Louie and Griffin

Instagram: daniellebushrow


Erica hoxie

Erica H. is one of the newest additions to our instructor team and brings years of spin enthusiasm and fitness obsession. While a new spin instructor, Erica has been taking classes for years and on weekends she's often found traveling and doing road races. In Erica's class you'll be challenged with lots of sprints, challenging choreography, and a great outgoing personality. Her class is great for any level.

Instagram: Ericarae45